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Meet Juliana

Nutritionist BSc., IFBB Bikini Pro, Bikini and Figure Prep Coach, Certified Personal Trainer, Sports Fitness Specialist, Corrective Exercise Specialist, and Online Fitness Coach through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).

Credentials matter when there are so many social media influencers causing more harm than good without the appropriate education and experience. Juliana has 15 years of experience and schooling.

Client Testimonials

“I met Juliana 12/21/2013, I was referred to her by a mutual friend of ours. I met with her to ask about competing. I had a 1 year old and had gotten back to my natural weight with a bit more muscle tone to my body and needed someone to take me to that next level. I met her right off the back I knew I wanted her to be my coach. She has such an upbeat, positive personality. She helped me and guided me through to compete March 28th 2014. Since then I have been with her also referring people over to her for guidance on not just competition but weight loss, nutrition and work outs. She is the best coach you will ever meet.”

-Abby Rojas, Houston, TX

“In my opinion, Juliana is the BEST trainer and nutritionist in Houston that money can buy. I cannot be more grateful for all the help she has given me over the past 2 1/2 years. Over the past years, I have always wanted to be in the best shape in my life. I would work out, and eat “healthy” (or so I thought), but I was never was satisfied with the results. A couple years ago, I decided that I needed guidance from a professional who could teach me how to work out correctly and efficiently, and eat properly, so that I could get the results I have always hoped for. And Juliana was all of this. We had our initial consultation, and Juliana really cared about the specific goals that I had for myself. She is really big on creating goals for you that are manageable in your allotted schedule. She made me feel as comfortable as possible, and was super encouraging towards me and my goals. She created a work out plan and a meal plan specifically designed for me. As a certified trainer AND a nutritionist, I really could not ask for much more! She guided me through my work outs and meal plans, and was with me every step of the way. This by far was not an easy journey for me; but Juliana was on my side the entire way. Now, I have surpassed my goals, and I truly could never repay her for the positive affect she has had on my life. So if you have interest in losing weight, or toning up, or getting ready for swimsuit season, or have aspirations to compete in body building competitions, I have no doubt that Juliana would be the best choice and investment you have ever made.”

-Letty Aguilar

“For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been into working out. As I got out of the Marine Corps and got older, I realized that diet had more to do with physique than I realized. I met Juliana Garcia eight years ago when I married into the family. Through every fad and change in what I wanted to do to my body, she’s always been the one I turn to for expert advice because it’s always worked. She has put together meal plans and workout suggestions for me when I was trying to bulk, she changed my macros and set me on a path to lose weight when I was trying to shred, and she coached me through the Keto diet where I successfully dropped 14 pounds in a month. Thanks to Julie, I always know I am getting up to date, professional advice and I always see the results I was trying to achieve. Julie is truly amazing at what she does and I would recommend her services to anyone who feels stuck in their body and is looking for a change.”

-Joe Scheitlin


  • Step by step action plans (Nutrition, Training and Lifestyle advice you can start TODAY)
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  • Calorie And Macronutrient Calculator (an EXCELLENT and EASY TO USE website for you to calculate personalized calorie and macronutrient numbers for fat-loss)


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