Working at a gym there are few times I get to sit and chat with my co-workers. As I’m scarfing down meal 2 of the day I noticed that my coworker was having an internal battle. As I was chewing through my sweet potato sand turkey she looks at me and says “Well I guess I’ll go run my errands since the stair climbers are taken.” She continues to explain why she likes the one on the left versus the one on the right but then I realize no one is using the one in between the two. So I asked her what about the one no is using? She looks up in realization and I can see her expression as if to say oh yeah there’s that one.  With a big roll of her eyes she says, “Dang it Juliana, you really know how to make someone feel bad… No more like guilty.” In the past she has asked me to help her with nutrition, holding her accountable and just making sure she gets things done. Because even some of the best of us need a little pushing as well. Of course I took one look at her and in my feisty voice I said “You better get your butt over there and get your cardio done!”  I could see she looked annoyed and as I walked away back to work I kept a long stare to show her I was serious. Fifteen minutes later into training my client I watch my co-worker dragging her feet over to the stair climber in her workout clothes and glares at me with the “I really hate you right now” look.

As humans we take the path of least resistance. So if we have good intentions to get our workout in but then have a shift in mood it’s easier to make excuses not to do it.  Even I come up with 100 ways to get out of doing my own workouts. The truth is it’s not going to hurt anyone else so why not? If my coworker didn’t start that statement with me she probably would’ve left to do her errands and not done cardio because as your day goes on more comes up and the cardio you could have done earlier has officially fallen off your to do list while telling your self “I’ll do it tomorrow.” Funny, today was tomorrow, yesterday. Stop making excuses. If I didn’t get feisty with my co-worker, who would have?  I understand working out can be a chore for anyone that already has a slammed day and barely has time yo catch their breath but the bottom line is it is important to take care of YOU!  Exercise is your daily dose of ‘feel good’ and I promise, once you get started you will be glad you did. If you are someone that dreads working out then it’s time to change the way you think.  I recommend taking a new approach. You have to find the positive and embrace  your workouts. If you hate the treadmill then find something you enjoy. The goal is to workout by increasing your activity level.  It doesn’t have to be a chore.  I always look forward to my workouts because of the way I feel during and afterwards. If it’s a day I don’t feel like working out I still make myself go because I know the feeling will disappear once I get started.

At the end of the day you will feel accomplished and more motivated for your next workout. #getfeisty