Three Exercise Moves for Weight Loss

Here I am going to share three of my favorite body weight moves that target more than one muscle at a time. When we can’t get to the gym or need to do a quick HIIT workout I recommend adding exercises that target multiple muscles at one time.

When it comes to fitness and maintaining your overall health, exercise is an important piece of the formula. Not all exercise is created equal but when it comes to functional movements in life we want to create a healthy foundation followed by a progressive plan.

Today I am going to share three of my favorite moves and why you should keep these in your weekly workouts.

The Box Squat Jump

Let’s start with the squat…it’s the mother of all booty growers 🙂 It’s also one of our most basic functional movements. Have you ever watched a toddler walking around, squatting to play with toys, walking, squatting to show you something. The squat uses multiple joints to flex and extend recruiting mutltiple muscle fibers to perform the exercise. It targets the glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, and abs. Now add a little power to your move like a jump squat and your heart rate increases higher than with squat alone.

The Push Up

Next, this use to be my least favorite until I learned how to properly do a push up. I have to admit I started doing these on my knees and progressed as my strength increased. I know a lot of woman do not want to train their pecs/chest area but you do not have to do a full “Bro” workout to create strength in your upper body. By adding the push up 1-2 times a week you not only stregthen chest, you work your shoulders, upper back, and core. By starting in a prone postion with hands next to chest, top of fingers lined under shoulders keep elbows in while engaging core. From here push hands into ground while extending elbows. If you cannot raise body as you push start with knees on ground. Once you master this move you can get creative to recruit more muscle fibers and improve overall physical fitness.

The Curtsy Lunge

Due to the fact I love training the lower body I always lunge and curtsy’s are my go to becuase it targets gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, quadriceps, and abductors. You can add any piece of equipment for more intensity. It’s important to start slow and watch your form. The same rules apply with all lunges: knee never goes past toe, torso remains upright, shoulders are pulled back while core engaged. With this move you want to step back diagonally with left foot placing it just outside your right hip, then bend and lower both left and righ knee into 90 degree angle, hold for 1 sec before extending both knees while returning left foot to start postion.

The Benefits

These three moves all have their benefits but the most important ones are they help reduce your risk of injury, they burn more calories from more muscle recruitment, strengthen core and lower back, and increase overall strength that lead to more benefits like lowering blood pressure, increase metabolism, and increase longevity.