What is your primary goal?

looking to lose weight?

Gain Muscle?

Develop healthy habits?  

Repair your metabolism?

Repair Gut Issues?

looking to lose weight

Losing weight should not be a yearly yo-yo game. Learn how to eat for your blood type and find which type of exercise works best for your body. Juliana will help find your specific formula to weight loss and will teach you how to live a sustainable healthy lifestyle with proper nutrition and exercise.

Gain Muscle

Stop guessing your macros and start understanding what and how much to eat for muscular gains.
With a customized nutrition program that teaches you how to nourish your body you will feel empowered after using Juliana’s program to reach your fitness goals.

develop healthy habits

It takes more than just showing up at the gym, you have to commit to change and that means finding the right program you can start working into. Taking one new habit and focusing on it everyday for a week before adding a new one is a great way to start. When you need accountability Juliana keeps you motivated to strive for more.

Nutrition Education

It’s not just about exercise. Juliana believes 80% of your results are due to the way you eat. Educating her clients has been part of her coaching. Understanding what to eat, how much, and food timing are all questions Juliana answers in your customized program.

what you will get when working with me


personalized meal plan
Extensive exercise program
1 on 1 to coach your through your journey

My Approach

Over the years I have become a modular style of coach. I like taking parts of different programs and piecing them together for different people. This is the same with my nutrition approach. I don’t believe there is one true way of eating but I like to take parts of different so-called “diets” and piece them together. I believe eating whole foods, little to no processed, and eating intuitively. I also like to use blood type type diet as a resource to remove inflammatory foods.

Every client is different. That means every program has to be different. The goal is to create a program that helps with your fitness and nutrition goals while  teaching you how to live a healthy lifestyle to maintain your reached goals.

How It Works

Schedule a Free 1:1

Contact Juliana for your complimentary consultation where you talk about your fitness and nurtrition goals.

Ask all your fitness and nutrition questions and decide if FFJ is right fit for you.


Choose a Coaching Plan

Juliana will customize the plan you choose. If you are looking to follow a program from the palm of your hand and report to Coach Juliana as many times you feel necessary to guide you to success. From customized progressive workout programs to learning how to live a healthier lifestyle through proper nutrition and exercise.

Reach Your Goals

Reaching your goals is easy when you have a coach that gives you the guidance and education you need to successfully reach your goals. Coach Juliana will help find your fitness formula while creating your plan. With a variety of programs to choose from: Online Coaching, Downloadable Programs, in person one on one in the SoCal area.

Nutrition Meal Plan

Calculated calories and macros, blood type anti-inflammatory food list, 4 weeks full meal plan based on calories, bonuses: Meal Prep Made Easy, How to Order Healthy While Dining Out, monthly recipes (3 months included)

Contact for pricing

Nutrition Coaching

Coaching includes lifestyle and habit coaching, 4-week customized meal plan with calculated calories and macros, blood type anti-inflammatory food list, supplementation counseling, weekly accountability, progress check-ins, full access to coach via in app messenger. Weekly meal plan adjustments when needed. Monthly recipes added and lifestyle and habit coaching.

3 month commitment required

Contact for pricing

Personal Training Online Coaching

Coaching includes regular access to coach Juliana. Customized 4-week progressive training program based on your unique goals. You will access your program from my personal workout app which includes weekly check-ins, progress pics, body stats, and regular goal assessments. I can follow and review your progress from one click away.

3 month commitment required

Contact for pricing

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