Bikini and Figure Online Contest Prep

Have you been thinking about competing in the bikini or figure category of body building? Are you a seasoned competitor looking for a fresh perspective on your prep? Look no futher, IFBB Pro and prep coach Juliana has nearly 10 years of experience. As a former competitor in the NPC and now a seasoned pro I know what it takes to prepare for a competition. I have been in your heels, gone though the trials and errors of what works and what does not work. Where to start? What show do I do? Which organization is right for me? Allow me to answer all of your questions and concerns. Set up your free consultation now. Call or text Juliana at 832-618-7584

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If you are searching for a prep coach Juliana is your one stop for all your prep needs.

Nutrition, Cardio Program, Weight Training, Supplement Guide, Weekly Check Ins, 24/7 Support

Learn how to get the results you need to be stage ready and look your best.





✅ Motivation and support from experienced and IFBB Pro Juliana Halloran

✅ Full consultation and assessment with feedback on when to start prep

✅ Customized nutrition/meal plan with calorie and macro breakdown

✅ Supplement Guide and education

✅ Customized and scheduled training workouts with video demos

✅ Weekly progress pictures with follow up assessment and changes to progrsm if required

✅ Body empowerment: Work towards your best body and learn to stay healthy and fit year round

✅ All Prep Plans are determined by the amount of time needed for contest prep

✅Monthly payments are available


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Bikini and Figure Competition Nutrition Plans

The secret to reaching your best body is the right nutrition plan and I take a scientific approach by calculating your macro nutrients and choosing the right foods for your prep.

√Macro focused meal plan with the flexibilty of using a food exchange list to keep it interesting and not boring. A healthy balance of your macros will keep you fueled for your workouts and allow you to burn fat efficiently.

√Keep your Metabolism burning and eat enough calories to meet your body’s demand.

Bikini and Figure Competition Workout Plans

No matter which  division you choose for your bodybuilding show, I will create a customized training plan specifically for your body and  needs.  Once I complete your initial assessment i can customize your plan. You will receive step-by-step guidance with a daily schedule throughout your prep. Your customized workout plan can be accessed from our training app so you can keep track of all your workouts, body stats, and progress photos.

√Custom workouts accessed from your phone

√Daily schedule with cardio and strength training workouts

√Tailored to your specific needs

Bikini and Figure Competition Prep Details

I will coach you every step of the way including the fine details like which show to choose, your suit color, when to order your suit and other small deets.

√I will help you choose the organization and show you want to compete in. I will give you a realistic plan and time frame to prepare for your specific show.

√I will help you choose a color that compliments your skin tone a ndadvise you when to order.

√I will advise a plan that tells you when to register, book hotel if traveling, book hair, make up, and tan.

 √Posing is essential to show off all your hard work. I will help you prepare for your bikini or figure competition by teaching the basics of posing, help build a routine for your individual presentation, and teach you mandatory poses along with the comparison round.

√Peak Week : I will five you a day by day plan for your peak week and make sure you are stage ready on show day.


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