With all of the hype fitness has generated we are seeing more people we know take the plunge into being more active and trying to live a healthier lifestyle. More are joining cross fit gyms while others are lifting more to create the physique of their dreams.  As we watch the anxious newbies build their Instagram popularity and share their recent workouts and meal plans how many of them are sticking to their goals?  During this journey how many of them are seeing their goals through?


The Struggle Is Real

If you are like me, you watch your Facebook feed fill up with the latest workout craze, cleanest meal prep, and the hottest pre workout to get you blitzed for the day.  Every day is someones leg day, chest day, squat challenge, burpee until you barf…you get the idea.  Committing to a plan is no walk in the park.  It takes planning, hard work, and dedication to truly commit to a fitness program if you want to gain real results.  ‘Can’t lose those last five pounds?’ ‘Gains not coming on fast enough?’  Truth is, it’s you.  You are the culprit that is keeping you from your goals.  Trust me, I’ve heard it all, seen it all, and even had it happen to me before.  There is no magic pill, just consistent behavior that leads to your goals.

Consistency Is Key

There’s that word again.  Consistency.  By definition means steadfast adherence to the same principles, course, form, etc. You must repeat your habits to see real results.  This is where the reality check comes in.  I see clients start a program and are good for maybe a few weeks but then Life Happens and they begin to miss meals, workouts, eat the wrong things, etc.  This knocks them off track and they stop seeing results.  Maybe they start back up a week or so later but then another inconvenience steps into their world.  But this time it was a harder hit than the last one and now we are starting from ground zero.  I am going to say something a lot of people will not like and that’s okay because I have been nice in the past and it doesn’t get you results.  Life is here every day, whether you work, go to school, work 50 plus hours a week ,travel, eat out daily with clients, always have food in your face, the kids won’t eat what I eat, I don’t have time (make effing time!!!), I am too tired, I travel, (insert crying sound effect here wah, wah, wah). Look, I know we all have whatever we have but the truth is, if you are not consistent then you won’t get real results.  So stop making excuses, eat according to your goals regardless of the people around you because you are the one that puts it in your body, not anyone else, and make sure you plan to get your workout in by packing your gym bag and saying no to the friend that wants to have drinks after work. Hell, tell them to join you on the stairclimber for your version of happy hour and see how that one flies.  All I am saying is stay consistent and the results will come.


Make Up Your Mind

You have to mentally prepare yourself to get into a fitness routine.  For most of us it enters our mind and we decide to research the latest trends.  Next we start noticing more people we know  getting results in the gym or from some app they are using to follow along.  Then we make our move to join a gym or start going for a run or even watch youtube videos to get into shape.  Regardless of how you start your mind must be made up to do it because when we are dragged into going to workout or if its suggested and you are only going to please someone else then you have already lost the battle.  Hence, the fitness reality check.  Wake up people!!!