Mindless chatter,I know I am an anomaly and when I go to the movies I smell the delicious aroma of buttered popcorn only to have the thought of how many calories would be wasted and the terrible havoc the corn would wreak on my digestive system that would essentially cause a number of other issues I don’t want to remind myself of…yes, I am that girl that calculates, weighs on a scale and measures before it enters my body, all food I see before me, well, most of it. I can’t help it because it’s what I’m passionate about. You see, I’m a professional body builder and in order to build my body into a fit and fabulous bikini physique I am one to watch what passes my sweet little lips. I have plenty of friends that have teased, belittled, joked about, whispered about, and cheered on my efforts of endless calorie watching but at the end of the day it’s the life I choose to live and that results in the body I love to have. You see, the beauty of it all is I am in control of both my physical health and aesthetic look. I am that girl that flaunts the summer tank top to show off my muscular arms. I am that girl that can wear the hot booty shorts in the summer short enough to question if they are age appropriate… I am that girl that can wear anything and get away with it because I worked my ass off year round in the gym and also put in the work with my nutrition just so I can love me and be happy with the way I look and feel. I won’t lie about my age because I’m proud to look younger than the number I confess to (born 1975) and I am happy to share the wealth of knowledge I have acquired about nutrition so you too can be that girl… Or guy 😉 Juliana 💋💋