Paleo Diet Explained



Degreed nutritionist and certified personal trainer Juliana ‘explains’ the paleo diet and keeps her fitness and nutrition answers real and up to date.

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Nutrition Plan

  When it comes to nutrition it is safe to say there are hundreds of different fad diets that are claiming big results in less time. Some of the latest fads include Paleo, Ketogenic Diet, The Whole 30, Atkins (is still holding strong), No Fat, No Carb, Low Carb,...

The Whole 30 Explained

The Whole 30 Explained

   This video Juliana explains The Whole 30 Diet. She answers these questions: 1.What is the Whole 30? 2. How Does It Work? 3. Is Is Right For You? Fitness and nutrition questions answered and learning how to filter the correct information. Weight loss,...

Ketogenic Diet

Best tips for fitness and nutrition from expert Juliana Halloran. Learn about weight loss programs and nutrition tips for everyone.