Are you tired of trying to figure out which diet or nutrition plan works best for your weight loss? Are you still trying different diets that are short term like KETO and the Paleo Diet? When it comes to the best way to lose weight my first recommendation is to look at your nutrition and start there.

If you’ve been doing this as long as I have (over 16 years) you know you can’t out work a bad diet. If you are new to fitness and want to improve your lifestyle, it’s important you understand your nutrition is at least 80% of your results. I repeat. Your nutrition is 80% of your results. Trust me, I thought I could workout every day and eat what I wanted but that was not getting me results. It wasn’t until I took an investigative look at what I put in my body to realize I knew nothing about nutrition. Once you take a good look at what you are eating daily you can start making the necessary changes to start losing weight.
Hire a Pro
I recommend hiring a professional, like myself 🙂 to look at your daily food intake and guide you in the right direction to get started. Once you get a handle on your eating and moving towards making healthier choices like eating whole foods, reducing processed ones, and meal prepping you will start to notice changes like improved energy, weight loss, better sleep, improved sex life, and the list can go on as long as you continue to stay on track. Unfortunately, it’s not always an easy road. One of the biggest roadblocks I have seen for anyone trying to lose weight is not knowing what to prepare as it relates to their goals and even more not knowing how to make the meals. I understand the frustration that comes with making behavior changes, especially when we aren’t sure how to even start. Let me assure you if you have a solid plan then you can start living healthier day by day. So where do you get that plan you ask? I have created detailed recipe packages that include weekly meal plan, weekly grocery store list, gluten free, vegetarian ,dairy free, and quick meal options. I also offer a High Protein pack, Low Carb Pack, and Plant Based Pack recipe e-books you can download and start using today. They include step by step prepping and cooking instructions with included nutrition facts per serving size if you are watching your macros.

Healthy Recipes for Weight Loss
I get it, it’s hard when you don’t know what to prepare or better yet, how to make it if you aren’t a regular Rachel Ray. Let’s face it, eating out isn’t going to get you the results you are aiming for due to the large portions, heavy sauces, etc., and why not lose weight once and for all by making it a lifestyle? Not only will you lose weight but best of all keep it off because as you prepare healthier meals for you and your family you will learn about proper portion sizes and how to prepare for the week ahead. But hey, I don’t want this to overwhelm you. My hope is to help this be an easy process for you. I’m here and I want you to know that learning how to change and improve your eating habits is a lot easier than you think.

Weekly Meal Prep
When you fail to plan you plan to fail. Exactly. Planning weekly healthy meals is a great way to lose weight. I know we all have busy lives with family and work and preparing meals every day can get tedious and time consuming, especially after a long day. I found that meal prepping not only keeps you on track with your weight loss goals but creates a new healthy lifestyle habit that teaches you prep, food portions, and food timing to keep your metabolism functioning. Of course, this happens while eating the right foods. Eating clean recipes is something I learned to do over time…the last 16 years I have experimented with different recipes and diets that have come and gone and the one common denominator for eating healthy is the food is in its most natural or whole state when eaten. In other words, the least processed food is the best and healthiest you should eat. I understand changing the way you eat is a big change but before we start eating better we have to start giving food a new role…fuel. Think of your body as a machine and you are giving it high performance fuel and the best care like eating healthy, working out or staying active, and giving it some rest and recovery.

At the end of the day we all want to look our best with the fastest way to lose weight. I can’t promise you fast but from experience getting your nutrition in check is a long
term solution that will keep you healthy and active.

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